About the Author

Djelloul Marbrook is the author of twelve poetry books and ten fiction books (see list below). He has won the 2007 Stan & Tom Wick Poetry Prize, the 2010 International Book Award in poetry, and the 2008 Literal Latté fiction award for “Artist’s Hill ” (an excerpt from Crowds of One, Book 2 of the Light Piercing Water trilogy). His poetry and fiction have been widely published in journals and anthologies. He maintains a popular and vibrant presence on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. A U.S. Navy veteran and retired newspaper editor, he lives in the mid-Hudson Valley with his wife Marilyn. His newspaper career included the Providence (RI) Journal, the Elmira (NY) Star-Gazette, the Baltimore Sun, the Winston-Salem Journal, the Washington Star, and Media News dailies in northeast Ohio and northern New Jersey.

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Books by Djelloul Marbrook:

Combined Fiction and Poetry:

Suffer the Children: Sailing Her Navel (poems) Ludilon (fiction) (To be released October 2019, Leaky Boot Press)


  • Far from Algiers (2008, Kent State University Press, winner of
    the 2007 Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize and the 2010
    International Book Award in poetry)
  • Brushstrokes and Glances (2010, Deerbrook Editions, Maine)
  • Brash Ice (2014, Leaky Boot Press, UK)
  • Shadow of the Heron (2016, Coda Crab Books, Seattle, WA)
  • Riding Thermals to Winter Grounds (2017, Leaky Boot)
  • Air Tea with Dolores (2017, Leaky Boot)
  • Nothing True Has a Name (2018 Leaky Boot)
  • Even Now the Embers (2018, Leaky Boot)
  • Other Risks Include (2018, Leaky Boot)
  • The Seas Are Dolphins’ Tears (2018, Leaky Boot)
  • Singing in the O of Not (2019, Leaky Boot)
  • The Loneliness of Shape (2019, Leaky Boot)


  • Alice Miller’s Room (1999, OnlineOriginals.com, UK; title
    story in Making Room: Baltimore Stories, 2017, Leaky Boot
  • Artemisia’s Wolf (2011, Prakash Books, India; title story in
    A Warding Circle: New York Stories, 2017, Leaky Boot Press)
  • Saraceno (2012, Bliss Plot Press, NY)
  • Guest Boy (2012, Mira Publishing House, UK)
  • Mean Bastards Making Nice (2014, Leaky Boot Press)
  • A Warding Circle: New York Stories (2017, Leaky Boot Press)
  • Making Room: Baltimore Stories (2017, Leaky Boot Press)
  • Light Piercing Water trilogy (2018, Leaky Boot Press):
    I Guest Boy
    II Crowds of One
    III The Gold Factory